About the Test

An echocardiogram (ECHO) is an ultrasound of your heart. The heart is viewed on a screen with the use of a transducer and ultrasound gel. The study is recorded. The transducer is a small probe that emits sound waves. The sound waves travel through the gel to your heart and create a picture of your heart on the video screen.
The ECHO allows the cardiologist to access many aspects of your heart among them being:
- how well the heart is pumping
- blood flow
- valve structure
- heart size
The test takes approximately 30 minutes and requires no special preparation. The pictures are taken with you lying on your left side and then on your back. This test requires intense concentration by the technicians to obtain proper views so conversation will be limited, please don't consider this a lack of consideration. During the test you may be asked to change your breathing or hold your breath to enable the technicians to get the best picture of your heart.
Once completed, technicians can answer general questions they may not by New York State law indicate any specific results of the test.
A cardiologist will interpret the echo and dictate a report. The results will be sent to the ordering physician within 7-10 business days.
In the event that you cannot keep your scheduled appointment we require a 24 hour cancellation notice or a surcharge will be billed to you personally.
If your insurance company requires you to pay a copayment, it is due at the time of service. Copayments not received at the time of service are subject to a $10.00 service charge.