About the Test

A MUGA (Multi-Gated Acquisition) is ordered to evaluate the function of your heart.  Specifically, how the muscle wall contracts and how well the heart pumps blood out to the body called the "ejection fraction". A MUGA study requires 2 injections, the first injection is a preparatory agent called Pyrophosphate that allows an isotope to bind to the red blood cells. The second injection is a small amount of the isotope, Technetium-99m. Reactions or side effects from either injection are extremely rare. Following a brief waiting period after the injections images will be taken of your heart. Pictures take approximately 40 minutes under the nuclear camera. Upon completion of the study, a cardiologist will interpret the results. A report will be sent to your cardiologist and primary care physician. Unless otherwise instructed, you should make an appointment with your cardiologist or physician to discuss the results.


The radionuclide is ordered specifically for you. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call the office at 587-7625 between 9 am and 5 pm. Kindly give a 24 hour notice if canceling your appointment.

-No restrictions to food and drink and have plenty of water the day of the test. 
-Wear comfortable clothes.